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Once again LJ has failed to post one of my entries, and also failed to save a draft from which it could be restored. When will I learn not to trust it? I could have copied the entry to a note if I'd known it wasn't going to post I'll never remember it all now.

But then maybe I don't need to remember it, because it was mostly the same old stuff. There is weather. There are leaves. There is no rain. There are feral cats. There was sleep and there is being awake. There will be dinner. So really it's just the way I said it this time that is lost.

Still, it's annoying. Stupid Internets.

After the entry got lost I went outside and watched the last of the daylight fade. Evenings are noticeably longer already, and that is making me eager for spring to arrive. The third day of January is no time to be eager for spring. If spring arrives too soon, summer is apt to be hot on its heels, and that's something I'm not looking forward to. It makes more sense to be eager for rain, but that desire would be as apt to bring disappointment as would wanting spring before its time. It still looks as though this will be a dry winter. The reservoirs are already pretty low, too. I hope there'll be enough water for the brewers this year. If LJ is going to be devouring my entries I'll need lots of beer as compensation.

copies to note

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