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Watching Orion again. Unlike me, he has a routine. I could set my clock by him, if I still had a clock that worked and needed to be set. The only clock that works is the one on the cable box, and that one is set by the cable company. Maybe Orion works for Comcast.

Anyway. Here it is a couple of days into January, and it is still dry and comparatively mild. It's supposed to cool off a bit next week, but the chance of rain will remain slim. Tonight I'm irrigating the camellia bushes in the front yard. They usually bloom in late January or early February, so they will be needing some water. The other bushes in the front yard could use a good soak too. There are four huge ones, and if they died they would be an enormous hassle to remove and dispose of. I'd be filling the yard waste wheelie bins with their carcasses for months. Plus if they were gone I'd have to see more of the suburban street every time I looked out my windows, and I've had enough views of suburbia to last the rest of my life.

A strange feral cat has been showing up the last couple of days, and tonight he got into a fight with one of the regular feral cats. I hope he doesn't stick around for long. My regular cats have a pretty placid life here, and I hate to see it disrupted. I'm not leaving any unguarded food out for him, and I'll run him off if I see him. I hate to be mean to a cat, but the well-being of the others has to come first. The new guy is big and tough looking, and he has survived without my help this long, so I guess he can go on doing so.

I've been getting more and more reluctant to cook dinner. Tonight I'll probably just make a peanut butter sandwich again, as the prospect of hauling out pots and pans and dishes and all is too much for me. What I'd really like is one of those nice frozen lasagnas, but they haven't been on sale recently and their regular price is too high. Only one local market still carries them, and with no competition on that product they don't have to do any serious discounting. Ah, well, peanut butter is pretty much the same thing as lasagna anyway, right?

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