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Gray [Dec. 27th, 2013|06:53 pm]
Last night's haze became today's overcast, the hours growing grayer and grayer until the sun set with barely a hint of color. Though it seemed about to rain at times, the clouds are not expected to last, so it will probably remain dry. It will probably stay dry for the rest of the year. It won't get very warm for the next few days, but neither will it get very cold for the next few nights. Everything has gone bland. The oddest thing that is going on is that little green shoots have appeared in the daffodil beds. It's much to early in the season for them, but there they are. The flowers will probably bloom just in time to be devastated by a January frost.

Speaking of devastated, Google + is wreaking havoc on my Internet life. Last night I sort of accidentally signed up for Google + (all I wanted to do was leave a comment on a Blogger page, but before I knew it I had been sucked in) and now Google won't let me log in to my original YouTube account. Even when I log out and try to switch accounts it sends me back to the secondary account that I (again accidentally) created with my G-mail identity. My original account is the one that has a record of all the stuff I've saved, and now I can only look at it as an outsider. Increasingly, I come to wish that Google's motto, instead of Don't be evil had been Don't be stupid! But as they are failing at the former, I guess they wouldn't care about failing at the latter.

There must be a lot of damp in the air, despite the absence of rain. The house feels chillier than it ought to, given the setting on the thermostat. I should go eat something hot to warm myself up.

[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2013-12-28 03:37 am (UTC)
Oh, Google+ is the devil. I hate what they've done to Youtube and so on, and yes they tricked me into doing that name change thing. I think I have it switched back to my age-old pseud, but it was a pain. I hate the needless complication of all that.
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[User Picture]From: flying_blind
2013-12-28 09:41 pm (UTC)
I finally figured out how to log in to my original YouTube account, after about ten tries. You have to jump through the right hoops, but first you have to find where they've hidden the hoops.

They also sent me an email about getting started on Google +, but I'm afraid to open it. There might be a virtual black hole in it. I'd get sucked into it and never escape.
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