rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Eve of the Feast

There's a yam in the oven and it's almost done, so I must be quick. I woke up early enough to get some leaves into the vegetation wheelie bins today before the truck arrived, so the pile in the back back yard is somewhat diminished. It was almost too warm for such work. I could easily imagine I was back in Los Angeles. the afternoon grew so mild. My consumption of soup for lunch has been put on hold until winter decides to reassert itself. It's back to sandwiches and beer for now. This should work out well, as I will have plenty of leftover elf to put in sandwiches for the next week. I'll probably freeze some elf, too, for making soups in January and February. If I also get a tiny reindeer or two that will be a bonus.

I do feel a bit bad about the kids west of here who won't be getting presents as I'll have trapped the elf before would have gotten to them, but at least I am so close to the International Dateline that there won't be very many of them. It will probably be only three percent or so. I'll feel only slight guilt when I'm having my Christmas dinner.

Once again I forgot to take advantage of the warm day to wash the HVAC filter. Maybe I should just get rid of the reusable one and go back to the disposable variety. I'll try to remember on Thursday, when it is supposed to be mild again. Tomorrow is to be cooler. That's good, too, as the oven will be on for several hours. Slow braising is the best way to prepare elf.

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