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Portia and I have both been sneezing a lot for the last couple of days. There aren't many viruses that sicken both cats and people, so I'm thinking it might be just some sort of allergen. I keep forgetting to clean the HVAC filter. It might have something malevolent in it. I wish I'd remembered to clean it during the brief warm spell, as it has turned cold again and the thing takes forever to dry in cold weather. If it was just me sneezing, I'd suspect that cat dander was piling up in the house, but I don't think cats are allergic to themselves.

Today was supposed to have been mostly clear, but it turned out to be mostly cloudy. The clouds were lovely, being gray and silver most of the time and white during the rare moments when the sun broke through. I slept through part of the afternoon, having gotten under a heavy blanket on the couch. These days it seems that the minute I get a little bit warm I nod off to sleep. But then the can of beer I had with lunch might have had something to do with it, too.

It looks as though we might get a wet Christmas. Given how low the local lakes are, that would be about the best gift we could receive this year. The recent snow didn't leave much water in the soil. The air was too cold to promote proper melting, so it mostly just evaporated in the wind. Once it was gone the earth under it looked about as dry as it had been before the storm. Even the mulberry leaves blanketing the front yard turned out to be far less soggy than I'd expected. They look pretty grotty now that they've lost their yellow color, but I still haven't gotten around to raking them. I've gotten around to very little of anything lately, in fact. Winter lethargy has set in. I'm not sure how winter lethargy differs from my usual spring, summer, and autumn lethargy, but nevertheless....

Oh, and a YouTube surprise: Jitterbuggery.

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