rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The feral cats are enjoying the full moon, but they are probably enjoying the mild air even more. By mild, I mean 49 degrees, which is certainly mild by comparison with last week. In fact the high today was 70, which is downright balmy. It will be getting much cooler again tomorrow, and quite cold later in the week, but I've enjoyed the respite. I've also enjoyed seeing the cats romp around in the back yard by moonlight, and seeing the last of the snow melt away, and seeing the tiny puffs of cloud the moon is illuminating, and getting a utility bull that is more than twenty dollars less than I'd expected it to be. That last is a rather limited form of enjoyment, of course, as I still got a bug utility bill, but at this point I'm grateful even for small favors.

The thing I didn't enjoy today was being short of sleep. After Sunday evening's extended unintentional nap, I never got back to sleep until this afternoon, and then I only slept for about three hours. With any luck, I'll get to sleep not long after midnight tonight, and not wake up at four o'clock in the morning. In fact I hope to sleep until daylight. Tomorrow I might even get some soggy leaves turned over so they can get a bit dryer before they have to go into the wheelie bins. Being under snow for several days got the mulberry leaves pretty gooey. Maybe I'll try composting them instead of putting them out for collection.

Right now I'm going to go out and watch the balmy night a bit more. I don't even have to have my hoodie up tonight. That's such a pleasant change.

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