rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Further Desultory Thoughts

When logging in to LJ just now, I got a Fatal Exception notice on a blue screen, saying that the current application would be terminated, and I should press control-alt-delete to restart my computer. I hit the space bar, the blue screen went away, I continued without restarting. What the hell was that about? Is Windows toying with me? Will this machine now blow up in my face? Weirder and weirder.

Anyway, I watched Letterman tonight, to see Iggy Pop. (Has that guy ever eaten an ounce of fat in his life?) The first guest was Nicole Kidman. Naturally, the subject of divorce came up. She said; "Well, I can wear heels, now." My opinion of her just went up quite a bit.

And, by the way: Video did not kill the radio star. It just turned him into a fat, bald, ranting lunatic! Curse A.M. radio!
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