rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Big Chill Day Five

Last night the snow froze, of course, and when today the sun managed to thaw it again it was no longer a soft powder, but crunchy and granular. Not much of it melted or evaporated, but it has settled and grown denser, so now there is only two or three inches in most places. There is still snow clinging to trees and bushes, as the day was so cold. Tonight will be as cold as last night, dropping into the teens again. I guess we're lucky it isn't dropping into single digits. The faucet at the sink on the back porch was frozen shut until about three o'clock this afternoon. Tonight I'll try to run some hot water through it more often. I'm wrapping the pipes in a few rags, too, as I have nothing else with which to insulate them. I hope they don't burst.

The computer is behaving so badly tonight that it took twenty minutes to write that paragraph. I'm posting and shutting down now.
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