rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Big Chill Day Three

The snow began falling before dusk. At first there were big, soft flakes that drifted and fluttered with the slightest breeze, but by nightfall it had become small flecks that shot down quickly, though the wind drove them nearly sideways at times. One thing about snow is that it can be blown onto the back porch, and now the porch is wet all the way to the door. I'm hoping the wind will die down enough that I wont have to slip and slide on my own porch. I can avoid going farther from the house, but I need to get onto the porch to feed the feral cats.

We are now expected to get between five and eight inches of snow at this elevation. That's certainly enough to knock out the power if an overburdened limb falls on a line. That's especially likely if the wind continues to blow. I need to get everything that needs doing and requires electricity out of the way as soon as possible. The good news is that Sunday will be clear, if cold, so any problems will probably get fixed fairly soon. I hope the weather doesn't interfere with my shopping on Sunday. I like to get it over with.


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