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Twice Bitten [Dec. 3rd, 2013|07:06 pm]
It's expected to freeze tonight and every night for the next two weeks. After that there could be rain that will keep temperatures barely above freezing. I want Alaska to take back its icy air, but I'm sure it won't. But I got the heater in the den fixed, so I can take refuge there if the power goes out and kills the central heating. I'd still have to freeze in the kitchen and bathroom, though. I feel very bad for my feral cats. And I must remember to check their water bowls every morning, as they'll probably have a crust of ice on them. The hose usually freezes, too. so I'll have to refill the bowls from the sink.

No moon tonight. It's decided to stay on the warm side of the planet, I guess.

Something has gone wrong with my copy of Opera. It has logged me out of web sites I was logged into, and now I can't log back in to any of them. I'm using Google Chrome right now. It will be okay for web sites where I remember the password, but there are some that I don't. I rely on Opera to remember them for me. Luckily Firefox remembers a couple of those, but There are others that will be lost if Opera can't be repaired. It has been very slow lately, and maybe it has been going bad for quite a while. I'll probably have to do a clean install. I hate re-installing stuff. Worse, I also use it as my e-mail client, and I'm not sure what passwords I was using for my main e-mail either. Opera fetched everything for me automagically. I'm screwed. I might have to switch everything to g-mail, and get a new client besides. Computers bite.

Dinner is going to be late.