rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Skinny

There were only three robo-calls today. The phone spammers must be slipping. They usually manage at least five. I especially like the one that starts out "Don't hang up...." I always hang up, of course. Though I've heard more of the pitch before, back when they first called, I can't remember what that one was selling. I'd never buy whatever it was anyway. I'd never buy anything from a robo-caller. Still, they're better than spam from live callers. I always feel rude just hanging up on them, even though I know I'm not going to buy whatever they're selling.

Speaking of telephones, Portia knocked the handset off of the kitchen phone the other day, and it adjusted the ringer. The first call I got after that the thing rang so loudly I practically jumped out of my skin. Portia likes to nap right next to the phone, and she must have stretched in her sleep and dislodged the handset. She's lucky she wasn't sleeping there when the next call came, or I'd have a skinless cat now.

The rain that was predicted for later this week has vanished from the forecast, but it might arrive next week. It's going to be getting very cold, too. I think that snow is a definite possibility this December. Most years when we get snow it doesn't arrive until January or February. Still, I intend to goo on dreaming of a mild Christmas. 70 degrees would be nice, but I'd settle for 60. A high of around 50 will be much more likely, though. Portia and I will both be very glad to still have our skins.

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