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Random Stuff

Butch is almost as slow as Sluggo these days. It makes me nostalgic for the early days of LJ, but it doesn't make me nostalgic for Sluggo. As upgrading him would be so costly, Butch will have to be replaced eventually, but I have no idea where the money will come from. I'd hate to downgrade the cable, let alone cancel it, as television is one of the few things I can still stay focused on, and I need something besides the Internet to keep me from getting stuck in my own head. If Butch gets so bad that it comes down to a choice between cable and Internet, I'll probably lose the cable and get a new computer so I can keep the Internet. But I won't like doing it.

The leaves on the back lawn are almost the last the walnut tree will drop this year, and they are only a scattered few. The mulberry in the front yard, however, is still thick with leaves even though the lawn is almost entirely hidden by the thick layer of those it has already dropped. I just haven't felt like raking them, and probably won't anytime soon. The neighbors probably hate it, but they'll have to live with it. Not wanting to see the neighbors or their hideously tidy yards is one of the reasons I don't want to be out there raking. I miss the neighborhood's vanished rusticity, and wish that all these sub-urbanites who have invaded it in recent years had remained in their hideously tidy sub-urbs. Alternately, I wouldn't mind waking up one day to find that the sub-urban neighbors had all been devoured overnight by raccoons— at least as long as the carnivorous raccoons leave my feral cats alone.

I just went out to see the dusk, and to watch Venus grow bright in the southwest. The waning moon won't be rising until nine o'clock tonight, so the sky is dark for watching stars. If I'm awake in the hour before dawn I could go out and watch Saturn rise. The moon will be far to to the west by then. But the most interesting sight will be early Sunday morning, when Saturn and Mercury will rise very close together, accompanied by comet ISON nearby, but that will be at morning twilight and I'd have to find a gap in the trees to see it because they will be very close to the horizon. I probably won't be awake at that time, anyway, and if I am I'm likely to forget to go out.

Though I'm getting very tired of my own cooking— well, microwaving and heating in pots— I really should eat something. Tonight it will probably be a can of beans with cheese on them. A local market has russet potatoes on sale this week, a ten pound bag for 99 cents, so next week I think I'll be eating lots of baked potatoes with lots of butter and sour cream on them. I might even spring for a fresh can of shortening so I can make the skins crisp. Just the small can, because it always goes bad before I can finish using it. Maybe I should take up baking... naahh.

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