rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This morning I raked a bunch of golden brown walnut leaves from the edges of the back lawn toward its center. Before I ran out of energy I created a large rug of leaves with a green grass border all around it. Eventually the leaves will have to be broken into manageable piles and put into the wheelie bins, but the next yard waste pickup isn't until a week from next Tuesday, so there's no rush— as long as rain doesn't come.

Rain probably won't, so I'm just leaving the big rug in place for now. I really like how it looks. I think the feral cats like having it too. They were romping across it this evening, and will probably fray its edges, but that's easily enough repaired. Besides, there are still more leaves coming down and the green border will become more and more lacy with leaves as time pases, cats or not.

When the hot weather ended I thought I'd go back to eating dinner regularly again, but I still haven't gotten back into the habit of cooking. Tonight I just had some Fritos dipped in sour cream, which is more like a suburban breakfast (corn flakes with a dairy product on them) than a dinner. The beer I washed it down with was what made it dinner-like. Later I'm going to have some celery with cream cheese and peanut butter, which will serve as vegetable and protein. It's sort of a balanced meal, right? Anyway, I've been eating like this for a few months and I haven't died yet— and, judging from the increasing looseness of my pants, I'm even losing a bit of excess weight. Maybe I've discovered a new diet and it will become a fad.

I keep thinking that today was Wednesday, even though I know it was Thursday. Because I was unclear on the day I missed something I was going to watch on television. I suppose I have to expect reality to get blurrier as time passes, but it's annoying as hell. I miss the ability to stay focused.

The evenings are not too terribly cold yet, so I'm going to go out and listen for a while, and maybe I'll hear a flock of migrating fowl. The moon is so bright I might even catch a glimpse of any that pass, if they are in the right part of the sky.

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