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Light [Nov. 11th, 2013|06:15 pm]
The 13 watt CFL bulb in my computer desk lamp burned out last night, and I had to replace it with a 23 watt bulb, which is much too bright. I was sure I still had one 13 watt, but if I do I can't find it. I don't think I'll get a chance to buy another 13 watt bulb until next Sunday, so I'm stuck with the bright light for now. The fact that the nights have gotten so long, and the days so much dimmer, makes the contrast all the more annoying.

Rain is now being re-predicted, with a 10% chance tonight and a 20% chance tomorrow, but the wispy clouds I saw this evening don't look as though they could hold much, and they look even less likely to drop any that they do hold. More credible than this unlikely prediction is one that the temperature could reach 75 degrees on Wednesday. A balmy day or two in November is not that great a rarity here, though we certainly don't get them every year. If it comes, it will give me chance to air the house out. The place gets awfully stuffy this time of year.

A warm day would also dry the fallen leaves faster, so they would be lighter and take up less room in the wheelie bins. I was going to do some raking tomorrow, but maybe I'll wait until Thursday. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of a balmy day. It will be anything but balmy tonight. The evening air grew crisp before dusk had passed, and the night is now quite chilly. I'll have to wear a jacket over my hoodie when I take the wheelie bin out to the curb. Don't want my hoodie to get a chill.

Oh, and I heard another flock of geese flying south early this morning. I'm waiting for the first trumpeter swans. They are my favorites.