rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Time: Not on My Side

I slept a lot last night and today, but I don't think it reduced my chronic sleep deficit by much. Last night it was one nap after another, and I finally had a three-hour nap that started about four o'clock in the morning. Then I got up for an hour or so, but after that returned to the naps. Another three hours stretch came after I moved into the back bedroom, the darkest in the house because of its window shades and drapes, and got another three hours ending a bit after one o'clock in the afternoon. I felt slept out, but I didn't feel rested. I still don't.

Speaking of clocks, the hour hand of the broken clock in the living room has decided to start moving again, so I can sort of tell the hour by its position, but the minute hand still hangs dead at 35 minutes past the hour. So I have an hour hand and an entertaining pendulum, but must squint at the tiny LED display on the cable box to find the minutes. I do still have a functioning clock on the oven, so I can time cooking, but it is subject to power failures just like the cable box.

The last couple of days I haven't had much of an appetite. Tonight I just made a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. I didn't even put marmalade on it. The bread was a bit stale. I probably ought to have toasted it. Maybe I'll feel like eating something dinner-like tomorrow night. Right now I don't even want to think about food. In fact right now I don't even want to think. Television time.

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