rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There was a thin sliver of moon this evening, gone now, but nice while it lasted. The stars are getting brighter, though, as the nights grow colder. I'd stay out and watch them for a while, but I i didn't launder my hoodies and I can't my stocking cap, so my ears would get too cold. My ears hate the cold more than any other part of my body. Except maybe my feet, but I have socks for my feet.

There is only one pile of leaves left in the back yard, though plenty more are waiting to come down. The front yard remains unraked. I'll have to get too it soon, or it will be entirely buried in mulberry leaves and pine needles. Plus there could be rain soon, and wet leaves are much more difficult to deal with. It probably won't rain until Sunday, though, so I have three days for procrastination as long as the slight chance of rain on Thursday doesn't increase.

I'm still not used to being without an analog clock in the living room, but I've discovered that the broken clock's decorative pendulum will continue to swing as long as there is live in the batteries. The minute hand just hangs there at half past whenever, and the hour hand is stuck permanently at a few minutes of twelve. It's permanent near-midnight, all night, and approaching noon all day, and never gets anywhere. Forgetting that the clock is broken I look at it and am always taken aback briefly, until I remember. It's disconcerting, but also a bit sad. I really must replace that clock.

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