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Delayed [Oct. 30th, 2013|12:02 am]
I'm bad at multitasking. I was trying to catch up with LJ while cooking dinner, and ended up burning it (my dinner, not LJ.) It didn't help that my computer is almost thirty feet from my stove, but even if it had been closer I doubt I'd have been able to avoid the catastrophe. I just get so wrapped up in one thing that the other vanishes. I probably won't try that again, even though the cooked part of dinner was edible once I scraped of the burnt bits, and the salad was unharmed.

This was another gray day, but tomorrow ought to be partly sunny, and Thursday could be almost mild once again. Tonight is going to be the coldest night yet this fall, though. I feel bad for my feral cats. I hope they manage to find spots where they can hunker down and avoid the worst of the cold. But speaking of cold, I've been sneezing quite a bit this evening, and I hope I'm not coming down with something. I'll have to be sure not to let myself get chilled tonight.

Oh, look. Midnight has arrived and I didn't et this entry posted. Tuesday will be blank, and Wednesday will get two entries. I blame this computer for being so slow.