rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

With Cheese

There might be some thin, scattered clouds tonight, but I can't tell for sure because the moon hasn't risen yet. The sky gives the vague impression of marble, though, and there appear to be too few stars. But maybe my eyes are going bad. Why not? Everything else is. That's why I'm not sure if I should eat dinner tonight. Lunch gave me indigestion and it's still bothering me. Maybe I'll just have a bland snack, like cream cheese on celery.

If I can hold on to the indigestion it might save me more money when I go shopping tomorrow. I don't like thinking about food when my stomach is sour, and I probably wouldn't buy some of the stuff on my list. But then I'd probably just shift the spending to cleaning products, several of which I'm running out of.

Most of the day I didn't remember that it was Saturday. I only figured it out when I turned the television on this afternoon and didn't see what I'd expected to see. I had to check the little java script calendar on the computer to make sure. I do miss getting the daily paper. It always told me the right day and date. So does the java script calender, but I never remember to look at it. LJ tells me the date, too, but I think it only includes the day on the New Entry page. Maybe I should try updating first thing every day.

I'm extra stupid for the first hour after waking up, though, so it would lead to extra stupid entries, and after re-reading this entry I think maybe updating first thing would be a very bad idea indeed. My entries are bad enough in the evening.


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