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The charter school that operates where the health club used to be, about a quarter mile up the nearby main road, is having some sort of event tonight, and it's very noisy. Even with my windows closed I can hear the muddy PA system and the screeching of the kids. It must be some sort of typically schooly sporting event, but I like to imagine that it's a cock fight or bear-baiting. Thinking that something strange and illicit is going on makes the noise so much less annoying.

Today a feral cat barged into the house when I was going out to feed the colony. It's a little gray kitty who is not one of those who have been fixed. She almost immediately ran into Portia and was panicked and ran into the living room and hid. I managed to get Portia confined to the kitchen and back room, which meant that the feral cat would have to go out the front door. It took over half an hour of cornering her and driving her doorward, but I was finally sure that she had gone out, even though I hadn't seen her leave. I got the front door closed, gave Portia the run of the house again, and thought no more of it.

It turns out that the feral cat had not gone out, but had merely found a better hiding place in the house, and I just discovered her back in the living room a few minutes ago. I have no idea how I will ever get her out, and I'm amazed that Portia hasn't discovered her and gone on the attack. I suppose the confrontation will come sometime after I go to sleep. I just hope no furniture gets destroyed. Stupid cat. She sees a barely open door as an invitation to come it, but fails to recognize a fully open one as an invitation to go back out.

Last week, when calculating my budget for the rest of the month, I forgot to include the water bill. It came today, and now I realize that I have thirty-five dollars less than I'd thought I had. I'll have to do triage on my shopping list for Sunday. It's a shame to let a bargain go unbought, but as I'll have to trim the list by at least fifteen bucks I guess the Beers of Mexico will have to go, and probably the pumpkin pie. That and the whipping cream that would have gone on the pie will probably do it. The remainder I'll cover next month.

Today day was a bit cooler than yesterday, and the house didn't warm up quite as much. I haven't turned the furnace back on since the mild spell began, but I might have to later tonight. I don't want to catch a chill when I have to get out from under my warm blankets to deal with the cat fight that's probably going to happen.

Somebody has a fireplace going again, and is burning low-quality wood. Not my favorite autumn smell.

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