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Mild [Oct. 21st, 2013|11:32 pm]
So despite watching for over half an hour last night I didn't see a single meteor. It didn't help that certain neighbors left their porch lights on, and others had lights blazing from unshaded windows. I liked it better when there were just old people who went to bed at eight o'clock around here. Now it's a bunch of suburban whippersnappers. I might as well be living in Chico.

But today I got to warm the house with fresh air again, and this evening I got a lot of shrubs watered. The wet dirt smells nice, but it's too late to let the scent in. The temperature has dripped and the windows are closed for the night. There will be a few more days when I can have them open, and then the chilly autumn days will return. Soon it will be persimmon season, and time to make cinnamon rolls and brownies and other baked things. I look forward to it, but for now I'm happy to have the mild days.