rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Rake's Progress

Half of the rain gutters are now cleared, though one of the downspouts looks to be clogged. I'll find out when the rain comes, if I remember to look out to see what it's doing. The back lawn is now also cleared of most of the leaves, though I left a few because I like the rustic look (or because I was too lazy to rake all of them.) One of the azalea bushes has put out two tiny blossoms— a surprise this late in the year, especially since it hasn't been unseasonably warm. If we don't get any more strong winds, the leaves ought to take a week or two to cover the lawn back up. The mulberry tree in the front yard is only beginning to drop leaves, and probably won't lose them all until the new year. That's about two and a half months of raking ahead, so I'm not going to get too celebratory about today's accomplishments.

I'm seriously considering making a batch of macaroni and cheese tonight. It's been at least a couple of months since I made any, and even the cooling weather hasn't yet given me the energy to do it, but despite all the raking today I actually feel a bit more energetic than I have for a while. Surprisingly, I didn't get my back or shoulder any more out of whack with all that activity. That means I'll probably do it in my sleep. But first, a look at the waxing moon, and then dinner.

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