rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The moon is getting bigger, but is not yet quite half full. There are a few clouds around tonight, so the light is making some nice patterns with them. I do enjoy the October moon. It would be more enjoyable if I could watch it without getting a crick in my neck. But then I've got an appointment with the chiropractor next Tuesday, so maybe I can risk getting it out of joint, but I think I'll save it for Sunday or Monday night. That way I wouldn't have to suffer as long.

The leaves are still in the rain gutters, and the ladder is still leaning against the back wall, waiting for me to climb up and fall off of it. Maybe I'll do that Monday, too. As long as the fall only puts something out of joint and doesn't break any bones I'll probably be able to deal with it.

Now I have to fold laundry, which includes the only two pairs of pants that still fit me. The others are all slipping a bit, so I have to keep pulling them up or risk being taken for a sagger, and sagging is so last decade. I'll need to save those good pants for Sunday shopping and Tuesday head yanking, so it will be slippage until then. Only Portia and the feral cats will see me, though, as long as I stay in the house whenever then neighbors are out, so I ought to be able to avoid being exposed as one who would commit a fashion faux pas. Or be an exhibitionist.

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