rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The rain finally arrived early this morning, and though not copious it was ample for the season, and will help keep the ground damp for a few days. The lawns are already looking greener. So far I see no signs of greening in the sourgrass, but the days are remaining mild enough that it is a distinct possibility. Today was the coolest day so far this autumn, and the cold front is passing through now so tomorrow will be cooler still.

The remainder of the week will be mild, clear days and chilly nights, perfect for the beginning of October. The first walnuts have fallen, and the squirrels nabbed them right away. I enjoyed watching the furry-tailed rodents scampering along the back fence with their protein-rich prizes clamped in their mouths. It's well worth a few nuts to be so entertained.

I grow ever more distracted and thus ever more forgetful of such things as eating. About five o'clock this evening I felt faint, and realized that I'd eaten nothing solid all day, and had drunk only a single glass of orange juice about noon. There was no time to cook, so I just made a quick peanut butter sandwich with which to get my blood sugar back up. Now I probably won't want dinner until after ten o'clock, and I'll probably forget to make it. Ah, the perils of aging.

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