rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There was no rain today, but there could be some after midnight. It was fairly mild, and I even had the windows open for a couple of hours. The clouds began piling up in the late afternoon, in time to form a blanket to hold the day's warmth in, so the night is warmer than I'd expected it to be. I don't recall even hearing the furnace run yet tonight. The next few days are apt to be much cooler, even without rain, so it won't be long before I'll be breathing furnace air again. For now, the air smells like the fresh grass. The recent rain has brought an abundance of green shoots.

Oh, and this evening I heard the first walnut fall from the tree. The rain has come to late to increase the size of the crop, but I never finished eating last year's big crop, so it's not a great loss. Pre-chopped walnuts in a bag from the market are easier to deal with anyway.

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