rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The New, Improved September

Shortly before sunset a remarkable light came into the sky, and moments later a few drops of rain began falling. The clouds had been thin and scattered all day, except for a few cumulus (cumuli?) that gathered now and then over the mountains. They spread a bit in time for evening, but there was still a lot of clear sky when the light appeared. It was such a stunning sight that I remained in the back yard watching it until it faded, and thus never got to the front yard to see the sunset itself.

Now the rain is finally falling vigorously, and I'm looking forward to hearing it all night, even if only intermittently, and maybe tomorrow as well. Better still, it is expected to be mild the rest of the week, and probably into next week as well. There might be a week or two of Indian summer down the road, but for now it is pleasant fall days, which I sorely needed. The grass might even turn a bit green before winter kills it again. Good riddance, summer!

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