rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The moon grows brighter as summer fades. Tonight it is full— the last full moon of summer— and the pale rooftops of the houses are glowing. The equinox is Sunday, but autumnal weather could arrive before then. There could be rain on Friday and Saturday, and Saturday night will be quite chilly. As eager as I am to see summer end, I'd rather not have to turn the furnace on before fall has even begun.

Having dinner in the afternoon is working out well, on those days when I don't have anything else to do that time of day, or when I don't forget to do it. I find that I don't really get hungry again for at least six hours, and then a piece of fruit is all I need, so I don't have to do any cooking all evening. It's nice to have a big block of time with no interruptions. I can do things on the Internets, read, sit outside and watch the night, or just watch television. It's like a little vacation every evening.

I was a bit queasy earlier today, as a result of yesterday's neck adjustment, but it's better now. I hope I can hold on to this adjustment for the entire month. Last month's started failing too soon. I'd like to enjoy the early autumn without a sore neck.

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