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Holy Google! [Sep. 17th, 2013|08:34 pm]
Hotels named for saints are not rare, and I've known of a few luxury apartment houses named for saints, but while Googletouring I came across a dingbat apartment house named for a saint. The name was unfamiliar, though, and didn't sound especially saint-like, so I had to look it up. The apartment house, on West 67th Street in Los Angeles, is called The Saint Harriet, which doesn't have quite the ring of a Saint Francis or a Saint Regis.

Frankly, the first person who pops into my head on encountering the name Harriet is Harriet Hilliard Nelson (which I guess is an indication of my age), but what the Internets revealed to me is that there is indeed an Episcopal saint called Saint Harriet, and she is in fact none other than Harriet Tubman of pre-Civil War underground railroad fame. Turns out she's been on the Episcopalian saints calender for more than a decade now. And I never knew. I guess that's what I get for not being Episcopalian.

Now I'm wondering who else has been canonized that I don't know about? Will I run across apartment houses named for them, too? Is there a Saint Shirley, or a Saint Bob out there somewhere, with reasonable rents? Does one gain grace by living in an apartment house named for a saint? So many questions that never occurred to me before. Googletouring certainly does open one's mind to new thoughts.