rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The air conditioner is on, and I hope it's the last time I'll need it this year. I'm craving baked macaroni, but it's still too hot to have the oven on. Most likely I'll microwave a couple of burritos. Microwaved macaroni just doesn't please me. I'm also hoping that the night gets cooler than last night did. Last night I had to turn the air conditioner on before I could get to sleep. With luck, tonight I'll be able to turn it off before sleeping. I hate what the conditioned air does to my sinuses.

The crescent moon is looking nice tonight, though, and I haven't smelled any smoke all day. The cicadas are still with us, of course. The last of what will probably be the last watermelon of the season is chilling in the refrigerator. It will be gone by the end of the week. I don't know yet what fruits might be on sale next week. The supermarket ads don't come out until tomorrow. It would be nice if they would have one more sale on casabas, but it's unlikely this late in the summer. But in a couple of months there should be persimmons, and then pomegranates.

The heat is still making me dull. I'm going to watch the television. Internets demand too much thought.

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