rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Smelt It

Because the nearest fires were small and have been contained, it must be the case that the smoke I periodically smell is coming from this one. As Yosemite is about two hundred miles from here (in a straight line), not very much smoke would get here even when the wind is right, but some of it must be getting here, if by a roundabout way.

As the winds shift about by day and night the smoke spreads, and then finds its way here in trace amounts, sufficient to scent the air. It's usually early morning that I smell it, when the wind is apt to be coming from the east this time of year. The fire being more to the south, the route it travels must be circuitous. The air I'm inhaling now might have been exhaled by someone in Reno yesterday. There might even be high Sierra bear farts in it. Distressing thoughts.

One of the things I like about the Internet is that its odors are only metaphorical.

Another thing I like about the Internet is that things I've lost track of sometimes turn up on it. Things like this recording by Ute Lemper of a Brecht-Weill classic. I have a copy of it somewhere, in the once-popular Compact Disk format, but it must have gotten stuck into one of the boxes that augment my walls, because I haven't seen it in ages. Now I don't have to look for it when I want to hear it, but just fire up the computer and go to YouTube. Thanks, Internets.

Speaking of odors, and firing things up, somebody over my back fence is barbecuing, and either their fuel or their food smells a lot like burning rubber. Maybe their briquettes are made from recycled hoses, or they are having synthetic beef for dinner. It makes me glad I've got a can of chili beans to heat up in a pan on a freshly cleaned kitchen stove.

Stuff to do tomorrow I'd rather not do. I hope I get enough sleep. It's going to be hotter tomorrow, too, heading into a string of hot days. There are even a couple of nights ahead that will probably fail to cool off enough. Back to running the air conditioner, I fear.

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