rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Dead-heading the rose bushes today I strained my shoulder. I probably should have cut the stems lower, but the spots just above several of the five-leaf clusters, where you are supposed to cut them, were about a foot higher than my head, and I got carried away. Cutting above some of the much lower five-leaf clusters on the same stems probably would have been just as good. I blame lack of sleep, which kept me from thinking clearly about it. Eventually the bushes will have to be cut way back anyway, lest I end up having to climb onto the roof to reach them.

This evening I've been sniffling and my right eye has gotten itchy. I'm wondering if there's something in the air provoking this. Stuff is starting to decay, and there might be some sort of mold floating about. Or it might just be irritation from the bit of smoke that is still hanging around. I can smell it every once in a while, but it is only visible as a hint of brownness in the air. If the recent rain had been more vigorous, it would have put the fires out and the air would be fresher.

For some reason I failed to take an unintentional nap this afternoon, even though I was on the couch and almost dozing. That means I'm likely to be unable to keep my eyes open later this evening. It's getting dark already, and I haven't even made dinner yet, so I might end up not eating tonight. Or I might end up downing half a bag of chips and some sour cream. That happens sometimes when it gets too late to cook.

Oh, I forgot to open the windows. No wonder my head feels clogged.

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