rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Ten Dollars on Dry

Weather Underground is predicting a 20% chance of rain tomorrow and Monday. There have been several such predictions this summer, but none of the storms have produced more than brief sprinkles. This one will probably not be an exception. Too bad. I'd enjoy a nice dousing right about now. I gave the front yard a partial dousing this evening, as I'm not expecting to get it watered by the clouds for free, and it hasn't had any water for a week. Dirt and dry grass smell intense when they get wet for the first time in a week, especially on a warm evening. I ought to have gotten it wetter, as the night is buzzing with cicadas, and if I'd watered longer maybe I'd have drowned a few of the noisy bugs.

I'm not relishing the thought of grocery shopping tomorrow. It gets more annoying every week. I've never been fond of pushing a cart around a supermarket, but these days it seems more tedious than ever. I'm quite sure I'm walking around the stores with a grimace on my face, probably scaring the clerks and the other shoppers. After I get home it takes half an hour just for my jaw to relax. Shopping is a bitch, and then it's Monday.

Plus exhausted from irregular sleep. I think I'll go out and look at the stars before clouds hide them. Maybe they will relax me.

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