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It turned out not to be as hot today as was predicted, and tomorrow might be about the same as today. The night should be pleasantly cool, and there might be a few clouds for the half moon to light up. I won't be able to spend much time looking up at them, though, as my back has been aching all afternoon. I got too active early today, and now I'm suffering the consequences.

The next two paragraphs are supposed to be behind and LJ cut, with the text Grossness Alert, but it isn't showing up. I'm sure I did the HTML right, so it's LJ's fault. Maybe it will get fixed soon (hah!)

As I woke up at five o'clock in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep despite having had only four hours, I decided to vacuum parts of the house that hadn't been done in a while. But first I decided to do another of those chores I've been forgetting— change the bag in the vacuum cleaner. Well, I must say! I really can't remember how long it's been since I changed the bag, but the thing was stuffed full and even mounded a bit. I couldn't get hold of the bag rim to pull it out, so I had to scoop some of the dirt out first. It was so dense that I had to scoop out about four garden trowels full before I could remove the bag itself, and it was still full almost to the brim. What a prodigious amount of dirt!

The dirt was full of cat hair, too, a lot of it tangled up so that hair and dirt and unidentifiable scraps of things tended to hold together in one mass, which made the digging difficult. Plus fine dust particles kept flying out, so I'm really glad I decided to change the bag in the garage. I must keep better track of how often I replace the bag. It's supposed to be changed when it's about two thirds full, to maintain the machine's suction. It's a wonder that the poor vacuum was able to suck at all.

I got so hung up on the vacuuming that I once again forgot to wash the HVAC filter. Luckily the evenings have been cool enough that I haven't had to use it for long. And if filter mold in the air weren't enough, the pilot light of the heater in the back room has gone out again, so gas is leaking into the house. I can never get t he thing lit as it needs a new thermocouple and is very cranky. It's a good thing the weather has been mild enough that I can leave the back door open all the time.

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