rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Ah Well

There are clouds this evening that don't look entirely summery. I'm enjoying the hint of autumn, however slight it may be. What with the strew of fallen oak leaves covering much of the back lawn, and the dying flowers along the fence, summer is clearly waning. I haven't yet turned the fan on this evening, and I'm hoping I won't have to. I can hear the crickets better when it isn't on. The crickets are the thing I'll miss most about summer, aside from the melons.

I keep forgetting to wash the filter in the HVAC system. It's one of those reusable foam things, and it's supposed to be washed about once a month. I don't think I've gotten around to it since May. It needs to be dried in the sun after washing, which takes several hours, so I have to remember to wash it fairly early in the day, and it seems to always be late afternoon when I think of it. The unwashed filter might be one of the reasons I keep waking up with dry nose and clogged sinuses when the fan runs all night. I hope I don't give myself Legionnaire's disease with my absent-mindedness.

It's remarkable how little I've been getting done recently, especially on the Internets. The computer and I are both slowing down with age. Between the computer's slow loading speeds and frequent stalls, and my declining reading speed and frequent lapses of attention, it seems to be taking twice as long to accomplish anything. Even trying to decide what to attempt to accomplish is taking longer than it used to, and I often don't get around to things before I forget all about them. Undone tasks are strewn about me the way the oak leaves are strewn about the lawn. But we get about the same amount of leaves every year, and the undone tasks increase in number with each season. Ah, well. The cats don't seem to mind, so why should I?

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