rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Want Not, Waist Not

I haven't yet stopped feeling like I've got a sunburn (even though I don't have a sunburn, since I spend very little time in the sun), but at least I feel a bit less sunburned than I did a few days ago. Other god news is that the feral cats must have found and eaten the cicadas who were so close to the house last night, because I no longer here them buzzing. I can only hear the ones down in the orchard. I do hear a couple of crickets nearby, so they must be either more elusive, or less appetizing to cats than cicadas.

Not much has been appetizing to me lately. If I hadn't gotten a watermelon and a casaba and a bag of oranges I'd probably have starved this week. I don't even want to microwave any burritos. Despite the cooling trend, I still want to eat only fruit most of the time. I do have to eat something more solid at least once a day, so I'll have something to wash down with my beer, which doesn't go well with fruit, but that solid thing has been getting smaller and smaller. Yesterday it was one tortilla. Today it was about a dozen potato chips. Tomorrow it might be a few grains of salt. I think I've dropped about ten pounds this summer. If this keeps up, I'll have to dig out some old pairs of pants with smaller waists.

The smoke has not been coming this way, but in the evenings I can still see the color it lends the rising moon. I'm cheered by the fact that there is less than one month to go until the autumnal equinox. September can get hot, but it can also be fairly cool, so I'm hoping for more of the latter. It's much easier to rake leaves when it's cool, and there are already a lot of leaves falling. And maybe raking them will make me hungry again. I only hope that it doesn't make me so hungry that I have to dig out the other old pairs of pants with the bigger waists.

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