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I just spent half an hour trying to figure out why my computer had lost its audio. I was tracing cables and bringing up the digital volume controls and everything. I finally discovered that the power switch on my outboard speaker was off. Portia knocked the speaker over the other night, and she must have stepped on the switch, closing it. I snorted an awful lot of dust digging around in the rat's nest of cables behind the computer and the desk. If I get sick, I'm blaming the cat.

It got just a bit cooler today, but the best news is that the night will be considerably cooler than last night was. I won't have to turn on the air conditioner, although I'll still need to use the fan. At least I can open the windows and get some of the stuffiness out of the house. Thunderstorms are still a possibility, but I've concluded that they probably won't show up here. Maybe they'll get some farther up in the mountains. The clouds failed to form a proper overcast all day, and had become thin and greatly scattered by late afternoon, so I'd be very surprised if even any light sprinkles were to fall.

The moon is full tonight, and I'm going to try to spend some time watching it. The way I've been falling asleep at odd hours, though, I can't be sure I will be awake during the best time for it. It won't clear the trees to the east until about ten o'clock, and I could be comatose by then.

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