rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Air Apparent

Our luck has run out, and the smoke from the wildfire is staining the sky. Along with the heat it is making me grumpy and enervated. There's too much yellow in the afternoon light, reminding me of the aged window shades in the first house I lived in. My mom would pull the shades down when it was time for my nap, and the yellow cast they gave the light would make me terribly sad. The shades themselves were not yellow, but a dingy brown, but their effect on the sunlight was to make it a sickly hue of dirty yellow. I've disliked that kind of light ever since.

It's going to be too hot to go out to water the back yard until near sunset, or maybe even a bit after. Dusk can't come soon enough to suit me. It will not only bring cooler air, but it will hide that ugly light, except around the moon. The moon is always made dingy by smoke. But maybe the night breeze will turn around and come from the north, and blow the smoke back south. Maybe I'll get to see the moon return to its proper pale shade before it sets.

Being stuck indoors, I had another fit of hair hacking. My hair was getting to the point where it curls around and tickles my ears, so after a shower I got the scissors and just started snipping. I might have gotten a bit carried away, as it is now quite short. It's probably going to look like hell when it starts growing out and gets all cowlicky, but I don't care. My head is cooler without all that extra hair, and my ears are now untickled. I'd totally do it again.

I woke up too early today, and didn't get a nap, so I'm more tired than usual for the time of day. I should probably eat dinner before I turn on the television, or I'm apt to go to sleep too early and then wake up at midnight, hungry and depressed. It's too hot for cooking again, so I'll probably just heat up a can of chili beans and maybe make a salad. Huh. My life is so exciting I could plotz.

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