rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Complaints

Because I was unable to go shopping Sunday, I had to go this evening, and once again I'm having that sense of displacement that always comes when my routine is disrupted. I'll probably wake up tomorrow thinking it's Monday again, because it certainly feels like Sunday tonight. But it was nice to go to the stores and find the shelves well stocked. They had all but one item on my list, and that seldom happens on a Sunday.

The weather is getting warmer again, and it's going to take all night to cool the house off. Worse, there is a wildfire somewhere in the mountains and, though there is no smoke hanging about now, there was smoke yesterday and is apt to be smoke tomorrow. I no longer have the tolerance for smoke I once had. The smell is distressing and the smoke itself is exhausting to breathe. Today the smoke all headed toward Reno, but the wind could easily veer this way, and then it could be stink for days on end.

Also, I think my peach tree has died. I don't know if it is because I didn't water it enough for too long, or because I over-watered it later, but the leaves have all wilted, which has never happened before. Usually they just change color and drop off in autumn, like any other tree's leaves. But the tree is at least thirty years old, and was probably planted when the house was built, which would make it more than fifty years old. The demise came so suddenly that I didn't even notice it until today. RIP, peach tree. Nothing but store-bought peaches next year— if I can afford them.

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