rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Well, crap! I was going to go outside and look for meteors after midnight last night/this morning, but I wanted to finish watching something on television first. Sure enough, the next thing I knew I was waking up and the morning light was coming in the windows. I don't even remember what television show it was that I watched (or fell asleep to.) The first promising meteor shower in years, and I slept through it! My sleeping non-schedule is exhausting. I'm as burned out as those meteors I didn't see.

Though I missed the peak night, there's always a possibility that there will be an occasional streaker tonight, though I'd probably have to stay outside for a long, long time to see one, and it would probably be just one. I could set the chaise up on the lawn to watch, but I'm afraid I might fall asleep outside, and the nights are getting a bit chilly. I could end up getting a chill, and that would be worse than not seeing a celestial display, so I think I'll just give it a miss. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't lie on the chaise last night, or I might be sneezing my brains out right now. Not that my brains would be any great loss.

But here it is trash night again. I must remember to take the wheelie bins out before it gets too late and the neighbors are asleep. It's impossible to push wheelie bins down the driveway quietly. If I don't get them out tonight, I have to be awake before the trash gets gets picked up tomorrow, and that will screw with my sleep non-schedule yet again.

Daily life is getting dull, but I don't seem to be able to pay attention to the pleasant things anymore. I'm sure that lots of things happened today— visits from birds, or interesting insects, the fragrances of summer drifting by, the sky sporting unusual clouds, breezes rustling the leaves— but I don't recall noticing any of it. I spent too much time looking at the Internets, watching television, and doing mundane household tasks. I need to find a way to refresh myself, or I'll end up as dull as the dust I still have to get off the back of the refrigerator. Damn, I knew I'd forgotten to do one of those tasks!

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