rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More of This

So far there's been nothing resembling a thunderstorm today, and what clouds we've had have been thin and empty, failing to form a decent cumulus even above the mountains, where they frequently float in the summer months. This is not a great disappointment, as lighting brings a threat of wildfires, but there is a twinge of regret for the absence of rumbling and the raindrops that failed to fall. Summer is such a monotony of decline here that even the risk of fire can almost seem worth a bit of a change.

Another thing that failed to happen (well, a thing I failed to bring about) was a substantial afternoon repast. I got hung up, and then had a nap, and dinner has thus been delayed again. Some fruit that might have gone bad had I let it sit until tomorrow got consumed, and that's a good thing, but I'm going to have to cook this evening, and I do not anticipate the chore with relish. As none of the dishes I plan require relish, anyway, I should probably quit grousing and go cook.

But first, a rare bit of linkage. I stumbled upon The Phrase Finder as part of being hung up, and it successfully extended my state of hanging. It gives meanings and origins for a number of familiar phrases and proverbs, plus interesting stuff like this, and though I can't vouch for its accuracy, it does sound as though it has been reasonably well researched, and it does provide much entertainment.

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