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Tonight I might not have to turn the fan on at all. The house will probably cool off before dawn with only the windows being open. Maybe we will have a mild August to make up for that torrid July. Too bad it's too late for the lawn and all the other plants that have been desiccated by the heat. I'm especially sad about the sourgrass, which is now entirely brown and wilted. I always miss the sourgrass when it dies back, because I know its bed won't look good again until spring.

The peaches are all gone, too, so there is no more fruit in the yard until next year. If I want fruit I'll have to go all the way to the store to get it, and pay actual money for it. Not that the peaches from the yard are entirely free. I probably spend almost as much on water for the tree as it would cost me to buy as many peaches as it produces from Safeway. It's just that it's very pleasant to be able to walk out the door and pick a fresh peach. It makes summer a bit easier to bear.

This afternoon I discovered that daddy long legs spider had put its egg sack on the underside of the faucet over the sink on my back porch. Well, I guess it was a mama long legs spider, but you know what I mean. Anyway, the babies had hatched and a bunch of tiny spiders were swarming all over the faucet, which had some web strung under it. I considered leaving them in place, to see if they cannibalized each other, but decided that I really didn't want baby spiders crawling all over my hand every time I had to fill the feral cats' water bowls, so I slaughtered the lot of them. It's too bad. They were oddly cute.

Edit: Well, here it is Friday, and this was supposed to be yesterday's post. I finished writing it at eleven o'clock, then went off to watch the first segment of the Daily Show, and then I forgot that the entry was here waiting to be posted. Curse television for being so entertaining.

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