rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The good news is that by next Tuesday, if the long range forecast is correct, nocturnal low temperatures should be dipping below sixty degrees. The house will finally get cool by natural means, and will get cool enough that it will stay below eighty the following day. I should even be able to turn the fan off before midnight, so I will be able to hear the crickets without that annoying mechanical hum as an accompaniment.

Without the enervating heat, maybe I'll even have enough energy to do some of the things I've been putting off day after day. The carpets need vacuuming and the kitchen linoleum needs washing. I will even be able to cook meals in the regular oven. No more microwaving!

Even this evening is noticeably cooler than recent evenings have been. As soon as the house gets down to somewhere near seventy, I'm taking a long shower, and then actually getting dried off! Sleeping should be easier, too, and I won't mistake being awake for some long nightmare about the earth gradually falling into the sun. Tonight there's even a chance of a breeze arising to help vent the attic. Hooray for coolness!

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