rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dog Days

My head has been yanked and my spine cracked and my shoulders readjusted, and I'm hoping that the next time I sleep I won't get into any positions that will put things back out of whack. Odd positions are easy to get into when the house is hot. The night will be warm again, thanks to those persistent vapors which have given the sunlight an odd tone all day. There is not quite an overcast, but neither is the sky quite clear. The attic is stuffed with muggy heat, and it is apt to be morning again before the house gets cool enough for comfort. I might have to splurge on a bit more electricity for cooling. The cost could be partly offset if I leave both computer and television dark, but I think I'm too restless to concentrate on reading a book. I'll be so glad when this dismal season is over.

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