rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Fork In Me

Oh, crap. The low temperature expected here tonight is 72 degrees. As the house is currently at 84, my guess is that it will only drop down to somewhere around 78 tonight unless I decide to spring for some electricity to run the air conditioner. I really want to wait until tomorrow to do that, though. I have to get cool before I go shopping on Sunday afternoons, or the shock of the cold air in the stores makes me woozy. On the other hand, if it stays so hot in the house tonight I probably won't get any sleep at all, and that, too, can make me woozy. Maybe I'll just wait until after midnight, and turn the air conditioner on when the house gets down to 80 or so, and knock it down another five or six degrees. I think I can sleep at 75, though I'll probably have unpleasant dreams.

It's time to irrigate the rose bushes again. They have almost two dozen buds on them right now, so they ought to be adding some much needed color to the back yard within a couple of days. One of the bushes might be entirely dead, though. There's one stalk coming up to one side of the bush, but I think it might be a sucker from the rootstock. There's not a leaf left o n the rest of it. Another bush is down to only three canes with leaves on them, so it might be about to crap out too. I don't know what the life expectancy of a hybrid rose bush is, but these are all about in their mid twenties. Possibly it's just time for them to go.

In case somebody didn't notice, The Mayor has resurfaced and wants plugs. He says he's been scouting places for us to colonize, but I suspect that he has simply been on a very long bender. I wish I'd been on a very long bender.

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