rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This afternoon I saw a daddy long legs spider spinning silk around an earwig caught in its web. I had to admire the spider's skill and dexterity as it enshrouded the suspended insect, but it was the first time I've ever felt sympathy for an earwig. I've known what it's like to be trapped in silk. Well, by polyester, at least.

Today turned out to have been the least torrid day in a week. Because I got the windows closed in a timely manner this morning, the house only got up to 77 degrees before I was able to open the windows and start cooling it off. That was just a few minutes ago. It's the first time I've had the windows open before sunset in quite a while. But tonight will be the nadir of the temperature, alas, and for the next several days it will get hotter and hotter again.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a watermelon on Sunday, nor any other melon, so this week I will have to be content with nectarines and pears, and maybe a few inadequate peaches from my own tree. Perhaps I will be able to get a melon next Sunday, halfway through the next Weekend from Hell.

The problem I had getting YouTube videos to play yesterday was solved merely by closing my browser and rebooting it. I'm glad it turned out not to be something technologically complicated. In celebration (and in honor of the daddy long legs and its creepy victim), here's Peter Murphy.

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