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Dumbass [Jul. 15th, 2013|08:00 pm]
I fell asleep before getting the windows closed this morning, and the house was already up to 73 degrees by the time I woke up. Now I'm punishing myself by not using the air conditioner, even though it's over 80 degrees in here. The punishment will be abbreviated, as the evening will probably cool off quickly. By midnight I should be fairly comfortable again. In the meantime, it's a good thing Portia doesn't know that this is my fault. She is no happier about the heat than I am. At least we'll get a couple of only moderately hot days in which to recover before the temperatures go into triple digits again.

After it cools off a bit, I have to figure out why YouTube quit working for me today. I watched one (rather stuttery) video, and since then nothing even starts to play. It might be related to the Adobe Flash update I installed yesterday. I can't remember if I played any videos after getting the update until this afternoon. Anyway, I hate dealing with computer BS when I'm already miserable, so it will have to wait.

Feral cats to feed.