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Odorous Post [Jul. 13th, 2013|09:09 pm]
The evening air was scented with skunk again, after a two day respite. The intermission means that the smell is not road kill. The Saturday return means it is probably not skunks disturbed by construction work. That leaves one or more skunks who are active pretty early in the afternoons. I haven't caught sight of a skunk for several weeks, and the smell is never very strong, so they are not to near but very far either. I hope it isn't rabies sweeping through the skunk population. Some of my feral cats have had shots, but others of more recent arrival have not. A yard full of rabid feral cats is about the last thing I would want.

My gardenia bush did better this year than I'd expected. After a slow start, quite a few buds appeared and blossomed, and the front yard has been scented with them for about a month now, except during the few rainy days. I intend to give the bush a long drink tonight, as I see that there are still a couple of fresh buds on it. They will replace the three or four flowers that have not yet died back but soon will. With luck, I should have gardenia-scented nights through much of July.

I keep forgetting to check on the peaches. They have been showing red for over a week, but when I checked them last Tuesday they were still hard. I'll take a look at them when I go out to water the gardenia. As soon as they ripen the birds start pecking them, so if I've missed the first day of ripeness I'll have nothing but pecked peaches. It won't be a great loss, as the peaches aren't very good most years anyway. I'm lucky to get a half dozen small ones that can be sliced and made tolerable with some sugar on them. If I get none this year I won't miss them, as I've had several good peaches from the supermarket, and will probably get more. But this week it's nectarines that are on sale, so that's what I'll be getting. I'm sure the peaches will be on sale again before the season ends.

A feral cat is meowing outside my window, and I'd better go check on it. They've already been fed, but a raccoon might have shown up to steal their food. I just hope there isn't a skunk.