rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Sultry breezes are fluttering the leaves this afternoon, and a woodpecker is using a tree for a drum. Crows are cawing again, too, and I hear what sounds like an owl among the pines to the east. It must be an insomniac owl, as they usually sleep by day. The sky is perfectly clear, lacking even the fluffy white banks of cumulus that form over the mountains on most summer days. Though the temperature has taken a slight dip from yesterday, I wanted to hear the sound of water so badly that I began irrigating the rose bushes as soon as their bed got some shade from the house, instead of waiting for evening.

I'm sucking on the last of the raspberry flavored frozen fruit bars. I'll save the last peach flavored one until tomorrow. The day is not quite as hot as it was expected to be, and I'm finding the afternoon almost tolerable. I hope I'm finally adjusting to summer, and that summer doesn't get extreme again anytime soon. I'll pick up a fresh supply of frozen fruit bars at the first opportunity, just in case it does. This being only the second week of July, it probably will. In the meantime, I think cool thoughts, and listen to the coolest music I can find on the Internets: Miles Davis and Bill Evans with Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, Paul Chambers, and Jimmy Cobb.

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