rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Frightened by my own shadow

I always thought it was just an expression, but it finally happened. I went out into the yard while the moon was overhead, and as I walked along the driveway, I glanced down and started because I thought that some small grey beast was about to trip me or, worse, run up my leg. It turned out to be not a squirrel or raccoon, but merely my shadow. Heh. I seem to be losing my grip on reality. Too much time spent looking at this CRT, I'll bet. Tonight I spent about an hour looking at postcards of Pasadena on eBay. This takes forever with a dialup connection. If I'm going to get good at stealing pictures off the web, I'm going to need DSL.

It has gotten quite chilly tonight, but eighty degree heat is forecast for tomorrow- uh, today, I mean. One of the disadvantages of being nocturnal this time of year is that you go to bed when it is cool, and you need lots of blankets. Then, as the day progresses, the rising temperature repeatedly wakes you up, and you have to remove the covers, one by one. Maybe I could get more cats, and use them in place of blankets. Then as the day heats up and the cats get warmer, they will remove themselves from the pile, and I can just go on sleeping.

Oh, yes. Juno has developed another fault. Not only does it no longer give me notice when new e-mail has arrived, but it no longer gives me notice when it is about to disconnect me from the internet. I've been getting lower connection speeds, too, and taking longer to get a connection in the first place. I can't believe they are advertising for new customers on television, when they can barely handle the customer load they already have. ISPs. Can't connect with 'em, can't connect without 'em.

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