rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A blessedly cool evening at last, and by morning, with all the windows open, the house should be chilly enough that I'll be enjoying the luxury of shivering. The feral cats are probably even happier than I am. This evening they engaged in feline frolic on the back lawn, chasing the moths that emerged with dusk. The strange thing is that I'm not hearing a single frog or cricket. I wonder if the heat slaughtered them all? For the frogs to vanish is not surprising, but crickets vanishing is very odd.

The night is not yet cool enough for me to use the oven, but I heated a pot of chili beans, and it was a nice change from the sandwiches and fruit I've been eating all week. Later I'm going to make some coffee. Best of all, we survived the heat wave with no power outages. My horde of ice cream is safe! I don't think any major fires are burning, either, and with luck none of the small fires started by the recent electrical storm will get big enough to be a problem. It's only the first week of July, though, and there is still plenty of heat ahead. But the week from Hell is over, and good riddance.

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