rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Moderation Due

Today is supposed to have been the last day of triple-digit temperatures, at least for a while. It will still be hot for another week, but at least the nights will probably be cooler. I'll be so glad to be able to turn the air conditioner off, at least by night. I hate the noise, I hate the way the air smells, and I hate that the temperature swings about five degrees back and forth every time it cycles on and off. I probably won't be able to turn it off tonight, as its only going down to 72 and the heat in the attic will keep the house hotter than that all night, but tomorrow night I might be free of it— and not a day too soon.

I can't believe it's only the 4th of July. It feels as though summer has been going on for months already. I can hardly remember that pleasant, cool rain we had only a couple of weeks ago. It would be nice if we could have some early rains this fall, but dry years such as this one are more apt to be followed by another dry year than by a wet year, and vice versa. Weather comes in packs, like coyotes or city buses on busy routes.

Tonight I'm going to finish off my cantaloupe, and there's a peach that has just reached perfect ripeness. Tomorrow night I might have hot food again— most likely microwaved— but I'm certainly not ready for it tonight. Outside it's still sultry. Ive got the hose running under a bush in the front yard, and there are three other big bushes that need watering, so I'll be in and out for the next couple of hours. I hope the heat doesn't put me to sleep and I end up leaving the hose on one bush all night.

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